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Hier vind je het laatste crypto nieuws, boeiende interviews met interessante podcast gasten, we nemen jullie mee in onze reizen en investeringen en veel meer. Het doel is om een persoonlijk tintje te geven aan de wereld van cryptocurrency, gedreven door kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) waar we met Vincent Everts nog een leuke podcast hebben opgenomen.

Hier zijn enkele hoogtepunten van wat je op kunt vinden:

  1. News and Updates: Stay up to date with the latest developments in the crypto world. We share news about new projects, technology breakthroughs and market trends.
  2. Interviews/podcast Experts: Kijk en luister naar boeiende gesprekken met experts, ondernemers en visionairs. Ontdek hun inzichten en visie op de toekomst van crypto. Op YouTube vind je ons kanaal met interviews met onder andere Didi Tahaittu, Vincent Everts, Mitchell Weijerman.
  3. Educatieve en informatieve artikelen: Leer meer over blockchain, tokens, handelsstrategieën en andere relevante onderwerpen. Onze artikelen zijn toegankelijk en informatief.
  4. Community: Sluit je aan bij onze groeiende community van crypto-enthousiastelingen. Stel vragen, deel ervaringen en leer van anderen.

Het maakt niet uit of je nu een doorgewinterde crypto-investeerder bent of net begint, biedt waardevolle informatie en een persoonlijke touch. Verken de wereld van digitale valuta en laat je inspireren! 💡🚀

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, also known as crypto currency, digital currency or crypto coins, has taken the financial world by storm. In the Netherlands, it is an emerging trend that is attracting more and more people. Let's take a closer look at exactly what cryptocurrency is and why it is having such an impact.

  1. What is Cryptocurrency?
    • Cryptocurrency is digital money that uses cryptography to secure transactions and create new units. It exists only in digital form and is managed in a decentralized manner through blockchain technology.
    • The purpose of cryptocurrency is to enable secure, anonymous and cross-border transactions without the intervention of banks or governments.
  2. The Origin of Cryptography
    • The term "cryptography" gained prominence during World War II. Then there was an urgent need for secure and anonymous communications to prevent espionage.
    • In today's digital age, cryptography is used not only to encrypt messages, but also to protect financial transactions.
  3. Bitcoin: The Pioneer
    • Bitcoin, launched in January 2009, was the very first crypto currency. It is still considered the king of the crypto world.
    • With more than 100,000 other crypto currencies, also known as "altcoins," the market is more diverse than ever before.
  4. Crypto Guide: Your Source of Knowledge
    • For newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency, it can be confusing. There are countless exchanges, wallets and companies dedicated to crypto.
    • My goal is to help everyone by sharing knowledge, presenting news in Dutch and being a guide for those taking their first steps in this digital revolution.

In short, cryptocurrency is not only a financial instrument, but also a shift to a new monetary system. Stay up to date with the latest news and discover the possibilities offered by this digital currency! 💰🌐

Cryptocurrency Buying:

Overview of companies selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. You can pay by iDEAL, Credit Card and many other methods, among others:

  1. BYBIT (Low fees)
  2. Finst (Dutch)
  3. MEXC (Most different coins)
  4. ApexPro (Decentralized exchange DEX)
  5. Uniswap V3 (Decentralized exchange DEX)

Review Projects:

The Crypto and Forex projects Which provide an interesting passive income/return in Bitcoin or USD.


Passive Income:

Bitcoin Mining:
Mining more interesting than HODL? Check out the information on Bitcoin Mining here.

Bitcoin mining
Early Retirement Club:
Don't want to be a gambler, but an investor? You can do this with a personal investment plan. During the ERC track, you will learn about investing and create a personal plan.
Early Retirement Community

Second-hand miners:
These Bitcoin miners are already running in a farm in Ethiopia. New miner prices are rising fast, many type machines are sold out until after the bullrun and delivery times are up to 90 days! These second-hand machines are less than 3 months old. Within 24 hours on new owner's name.

Questions? Message via chat.

Bitcoin Miner:

Crypto secure storage:

CG Partners:

Best NL Exchange
Watch the interview and find out why.
Finst interviewFinst interviewFinst interview

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CrypteauTrust investment community:CrypteauTrust

FXFlat free demo account:FXFlat

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