What are ICOs

What are ICOs?

You have heard it passed by many times probably, ICO. This term ICOs is used for "new coins" that are about to enter the market. You should think of an ICO as a new project and the people behind this ICO want people to invest money in their project. So they are actually raising money for their project a kind of Crowd Funding / Sale for Cryptocurrency.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering and these tokens are popping up like mushrooms. With ICO tokens, millions of dollars can be raised within a few days, the reason being that people hope that the ICO they have invested money in can go up in value immensely. After Bitcoin came along, people now see that a Cryptocoin can therefore go up in value so much and hope the same will happen with another cryptocurrency.

Advantages ICOs

An ICO has the advantage that for a minimal amount (and sometimes they are even given away for free for the Early Birds) you can start earning quite a bit of money. As soon as this currency comes on the market and it catches on, there is a chance that this token will turn into a coin and will also appear on an exchange such as Bitrexx or Binance. This means that people can start trading in it and that prices will really go up several times. Take the Neblio ICO which was 0.17 cents as ICO price and currently close to $40 (been $55) that is at the time of writing an increase of 227x the deposit (January 11, 2018).

For a minimum investment maximum returns can be achieved. Once I had bought 100 euros worth of ICN before it came on the market the increase after a year was 62.5x. Those are extraordinary returns that often can only be achieved with ICOs.

Disadvantages ICOs

There are disadvantages to investing money in ICOs! Meanwhile, there are sometimes scammers among the ICOs who make off with the money. That is why it is always good to read up before investing money in something. I always focus on the white paper, roadmap and the team behind an ICO's. Are there videos where big names in the Crypto world talk about an ICO? Those are things that inspire confidence! On the news page, I also list which ICOs I personally believe in!

If you want to know what ICOs are coming up, you can take a look at this site.

Should you invest money in ICOs?

Investing money in ICO can of course work out very well, the advantage of ICOs is that with a relatively small amount of money you can therefore make quite a lot of money. People often invest in multiple ICOs. If a token/coin goes moon (skyrockets) then the investment is often recouped many times over. Increases of 5 to 50x then offset the ICOs that do not turn out as well.

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