Real World Assets

In the Real World Assets category on Crypto Guide, we dive into the emerging trend of tokenizing real assets. Here you will discover how traditional assets such as real estate, art, precious metals and even corporate shares are being digitized and represented on the blockchain as tokenized assets. We provide insightful articles, analysis and practical guides on how these tokenization processes work, their benefits and how you can benefit from investing in real-world assets via blockchain technology. Whether you are an investor looking for new opportunities or just curious about the future of asset management, this category provides valuable information to help you understand and navigate this emerging market.

Review Projects:

The Crypto and Forex projects Which provide an interesting passive income/return in Bitcoin or USD.


Passive Income:

Bitcoin Mining:
Mining more interesting than HODL? Check out the information on Bitcoin Mining here.

Bitcoin mining
Early Retirement Club:
Don't want to be a gambler, but an investor? You can do this with a personal investment plan. During the ERC track, you will learn about investing and create a personal plan.
Early Retirement Community

Second-hand miners:
These Bitcoin miners are already running in a farm in Ethiopia. New miner prices are rising fast, many type machines are sold out until after the bullrun and delivery times are up to 90 days! These second-hand machines are less than 3 months old. Within 24 hours on new owner's name.

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Bitcoin Miner:

Crypto secure storage:

CG Partners:

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