Passive crypto income through 12 prestige projects/tools

Een signaal dat de bullmarkt weer begonnen is zijn de vele dagelijkse berichten over crypto in mijn inbox. Mainstream media schrijft weer over Crypto en dan wordt de massa wakker. Daarom heb ik besloten om een pagina te maken met een lijst prestige projecten en handige tools. Een overzicht van bedrijven, services, cursussen, investeringsplatformen en andere tips. Van Bitcoin Mining, leertrajecten tot CryptoTraders en Forex algoritmes die meer Bitcoin genereren. Deze lijst bevat alle tools die je nodig hebt voor een passief inkomen in Bitcoin en/of FIAT.


Bitcoin Mining as Passive Income

Sinds enkele weken mine ik nu met 45 machines en de ROI is nu ruim 700 Euro per dag. Wil jij ook meer weten over mining klik dan op meer info of plan een 1 op 1 gesprek in met Mitchell Weijerman of zijn team over Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining wordt gezien als 1 van de meest lucratieve industrieën.

Epic Mining biedt de unieke kans om Bitcoin miners te kopen tegen lagere bulkprijzen. Alles wordt voor je geregeld. Het enige wat jij hoeft te doen is kijken hoe je vermogen toeneemt en maandelijks de stroom rekening betalen. Met Bitcoin minen creëer je Bitcoin onder de martkwaarde. Hoe hoger de prijs van Bitcoin wordt, des te meer winst jij kan realiseren, omdat je productiekosten ver onder de marktwaarde liggen.

CryptoTrader that Profits from Volatility

Mijn Satoshi Bot staat in de huidige markt op ‘voorzichtige’ instellingen. Dit door met minimaal percentage tussen transacties op 6% te zetten. Het minimaal winstpercentage staat op 1%. Dan kan de bot bepalen vanaf 1% winst wat het ‘beste‘ verkoopbedrag is. Meer info over trading instellingen? Klik hier. Satoshi Bot handelt bij mij op ByBit om de trading fees zo laag mogelijk te houden (2.5x lager dan Bitvavo).

Satoshi Trading Bot is een geautomatiseerde Cryptotrader met de mogelijkheid om je portfolio te laten groeien/een passief inkomen te verdienen. Zonder enige stress, moeite of kennis. Binnen 15 minuten is alles up and running. Volg deze instructies om je bot te koppelen en te starten. Satoshi bot is laagdrempelig en al vanaf 50 euro per trader instappen.

International exchange (works with Satoshi Bot)

  • Create an account for free, deposit money and receive a bonus amount.
  • Stortingen van $100 krijgen $20 extra en $300 krijgen $40 extra gestort doordat je via aanmeldt.
  • Take advantage of this extra credit by depositing Crypto or FIAT.
    Easily link your ByBit account with the CryptoTrader via API for seamless trading and low fees(see explanation).

LegacyX - Automatic trading on the Forex market for more Bitcoin and/or USD.

Furthermore, I use LegacyX which does Forex Trading, but it can also be done from Bitcoin (BTC) through them broker/exchange. You can choose if you want to generate more BTC or USD. Last month they gained by 9,48% profit. That's a decent result. Imagine earning 9.5% more BTC in a month that also goes up!

Step-by-step guidance for creating an account can be found in this onboarding guide. Still have questions? Send a message or join the Telegram community.

LegacyX offers the opportunity to share your affiliate link with others (if you are satisfied) They will then appear in your donwline. If you recruit people you will be rewarded. This is all clearly explained in thepresentation. Overview of all LegacyX information.

Satoshi FX - Automated Forex Algorithm

If you prefer less volatility then in addition to Crypto, there is also the Forex market in which one trades between different currencies. Satoshi Forex algorithm does this completely automatically. A safe alternative to have running alongside Crypto. Average annual 70% return over the past 9 years.

Pioneering trading technology that delivers profitability from average investors to leading financial institutions. With over 9 years of historical data, we offer reliable hedge fund strategies for retail broker accounts. Download the instructions for setting up the bot here and create an account on Raze markets to get started yourself.

Create a personal investment plan

Ontdek de Early Retirement Club (ERC) van Mitchell Weijerman, waar Bitcoin mining slechts een van de ‘acht Cashflow Kings‘ is. Deze exclusieve strategie, te vinden op, stelt je in staat om een persoonlijk investeringsplan samen te stellen met behulp van waardevolle lessen. Met ERC krijg je toegang tot een gemeenschap die je begeleidt bij het opbouwen van passief inkomen door middel van investeren. Ze helpen je om te veranderen van een ‘gokker’ naar een ‘investeerder’ met een duidelijke strategie en battle plan. Je kunt vrijblijvend een 20 min call doen met Mitchell of zijn team.

Mooguul Crypto Payment Card

Once you earn that crypto automatically and passively, it's convenient not to be limited by silly banks and other stuffy companies with all the questions about "origins" of your new digital money. With our partner Mooguul you can easily apply for a payment card without any hassle and just pay anywhere credit cards are accepted. Just like that! With CryptoGids as a code you also get $150 instead of $100 cashback so don't be a thief of your ownwallet.


Digital Gold in Video Games

Welcome Aurus: bringing precious metals to the world of crypto for easy purchase, trading and use. Join today and discover the possibilities of gold, silver & platinum on the blockchain. Enter a world where tradition merges with innovation for limitless possibilities. Together with Authic Labs, Aurus is now also making the move into the world's largest and richest industry of gaming.

Wordt Aurus het digitale goud van videogames? En de digitale vertolking van goud? Twee mooie RWA usecases.

Exposure among the Crypto target audience?

Do you, want to bring your company, product or service to the attention of an active and engaged community?

Advertise on and reach tens of thousands of visitors. Take advantage of our channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, YouTube and more. Become a partner of the rapidly growing platform and increase your exposure in the crypto world. The bull market always has a tendency to grow visitor numbers exponentially. logo
Not your keys not your coins

'Not Your Keys not Your Coins' and 'Be Your Own Bank'

Two ancient crypto slang "proverbs" that still ring true. Buy a hardware wallet and store your crypto securely,,, It doesn't cost a lot of money and not a lot of time and it's not difficult. Arrange your shit otherwise you will regret it!

Protect your crypto-assets by storing them securely in a wallet where you have control over your private keys. The recent FTX drama once again highlights the importance of self-management of cryptocurrency (your Keys). Avoid the risk of loss by choosing a self-storage method away from the dangers of centralized parties.

Dollar cost average (DCA) in Crypto with Finst. 'Crypto buying in parts'

Meet Finst: a revolution in the crypto industry. The Dutch platform, founded by former DEGIRO experts, already has "Crypto Bundles. Similar to ETFs and there, investors can now buy several crypto currencies simultaneously in one bundle, owning the assets themselves.

Automatically buy Crypto (DCA ) at predetermined daily, weekly or monthly times. Have this sent directly to your external wallet automatically from your Finst account without doing anything yourself. 'That's what you call thinking from the customer's perspective' as Mike Hoogland - affiliate manager said during on interview.


Free cashback in Crypto via a browser extension

Free Bitcoin what you get by shopping online. While spending FIAT. Whuuut. I have already gotten 400 Euro cashback of Bitcoin through online spending this I was going to do anyway on booking dotcom, bol, airline tickets, clothing, jumbo and countless other stores... Create an account and benefit immediately:

Discover Satsback: the revolutionary cashback solution using satoshis (smallest unit BTC) instead of FIAT. Earn satoshi's while you store online via the free browser extension. Take advantage of Bitcoin's growth while you spend (shop) and automatically receive some % satsback from participating sellers. Save the currency of the future for free with Satsback! Earning Bitcoin by spending FIAT is the best part!

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