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If you're new to the world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you often don't know where to start. Don't worry with our crypto manuals we will help you get started in this revolutionary world. 

These tutorials will help you go from novice crypto enthusiast to someone with knowledge on various topics within the crypto world.

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An easy and cheap broker to start with is Bitvavo, because here you can buy and store many different Crypto currencies directly using iDEAL. Through our link you can trade the first 1000 euros for free, which saves on fees. Anno 2022 purchasing cryptocurrency has become many times easier and that is also important for the mainstream audience. During the Bullrun in late 2017 when Bitcoin went towards $20k all brokers, exchanges and exchange houses were overrun to the level that they were no longer accepting new accounts. When the market is in a relevant "greed" phase you are very late in buying Crypto currencies. Bitcoin in particular is a good hedge against inflation due to its digital scarcity. A great article on Medium explains why you too should own Bitcoin converted to 0.0025. The bottom line is that Bitcoin's scarcity makes it increasingly difficult to get your hands on such a number while it is now only a $25 investment and Bitcoin won't stay around 10k forever. As FIAT is reprinted at extreme rates it loses value and gold and Bitcoin are then interesting alternatives and Bitcoin of these two is then the easiest to purchase, easiest to move and the most scarce. Even large companies are taking positions in Bitcoin with them cash reserves and even Michael Saylor says he prefers Bitcoin to gold.

In the crypto world we have a saying "not your keys, not your coins." This means that if your crypto currency is held by another party without private keys you do not have full control. This method is fine for smaller amounts, but once more serious amounts are involved it is important to store your crypto properly. Be your own bank. Also, there are methods to earn interest on your crypto currency. You can read more about this in the manual. The manual should be understood as help and tips and not as investment advice.

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